Chen Yu - Philosophy
filosofia chen yu

Philosophy Chen Yu

CHEN YU is a name that evokes beauty. A balance between the millennial knowledge of the East and the high technology of the West.

CHEN YU is naturalness turned into gestures of beauty, easy to make, to feel the infinite wellbeing of a cared-for, healthy, moisturised, protected and pampered skin.

CHEN YU is also beauty, hygiene and wellbeing for the body, for the skin which encloses us and deserves to enjoy a few minutes of care and attention every day.

CHEN YU is also makeup. It suddenly becomes glamour, passion, a love story for your own features, helping to highlight lips, delineating eyes, underlining a look, lending colour to cheeks and to a harmonious and natural foundation.

CHEN YU is, in short, the scientific vision of an ancestral knowledge, a ritual of beauty, an ethic of life and an art of living based on the best of the East and the West, to achieve the harmony and balance which are the basis of a natural beauty.  

CHEN YU. Oriental. Occidental. The beauty is in the balance. 

filosofia chen yu